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When you are away from home and don’t have a car available, or your car isn’t working, you need to rent a car. If you can drive and possess a valid driving license, it’s always better to rent a car than to hire expensive taxis. You never lose the way thanks to GPS. Do you know what to say in English when you rent a car? You will learn that in this lesson. Practice the phrases and words to improve your English.

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Когда вы далеко от дома и у вас нет под рукой машины или когда ваш автомобиль сломался, вам просто необходимо взять в аренду машину. Если вы можете водить машину и у вас есть водительское удостоверение, лучше взять машину в прокат, чем тратить деньги на дорогое такси. И вы никогда не заблудитесь благодаря GPS. А знаете ли вы, как правильно арендовать машину на английском языке? В этом уроке вы научитесь этому. Изучайте и применяйте слова и фразы, чтобы улучшить свой английский.

Для вашего удобства урок разбит на 3 части: для начинающих (Elementary), для среднего уровня (Pre-Intermediate) и для продвинутого уровня (Upper-Intermediate).


Watch and practice the key vocabulary.

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Key vocabulary

Hi! I would like to rent a car. [haɪ aɪ wʊd laɪk tuː rɛnt ə kɑː] – Здравствуйте! Я бы хотел взять машину в аренду. Do you have any cars available? [duː juː hæv ˈɛni kɑːz əˈveɪləbl] – Есть свободные машины? What size car would you like? [wɒt saɪz kɑː wʊd juː laɪk] – Какого размера автомобиль вы хотите? What type of car would you like? [wɒt taɪp ɒv kɑː wʊd juː laɪk] – Какую марку машины вы хотите? What are my options? [wɒt ɑː maɪ ˈɒpʃənz] – Какие есть варианты? We have compact, midsize, full size, luxury, SUV, and a minivan.[wiː hæv ˈkɒmpækt midsize fʊl saɪz ˈlʌkʃəri ɛs-juː viː ænd ə minivan] – У нас есть маленькие, средние и большие автомобили, машины представительского класса, спортивные автомобили и минивен. How much is the full-size car? [haʊ mʌʧ ɪz ðə fʊl-saɪz kɑː] – Сколько стоит аренда большого автомобиля? I’ll take a midsize car. [aɪl teɪk ə midsize kɑː] – Я возьму машину среднего размера. How long will you be needing the car? [haʊ lɒŋ wɪl juː biː ˈniːdɪŋ ðə kɑ] – На какой срок вам нужен автомобиль? How long will you be renting the car? [haʊ lɒŋ wɪl juː biː ˈrɛntɪŋ ðə kɑː] – На какой срок вы хотите взять автомобиль в аренду? I’ll need the car for 2 weeks. [aɪl niːd ðə kɑː fɔː 2 wiːks] – Машина мне будет нужна 2 недели. I want to rent it for one week. [aɪ wɒnt tuː rɛnt ɪt fɔː wʌn wiːk] – Я хочу арендовать автомобиль на одну неделю. Can I see your driving license? [kæn aɪ siː jɔː ˈdraɪvɪŋ ˈlaɪsəns] – Можно ваше водительское удостоверение? The gas tank is full. You should fill it up before you return the car. If you don’t, then we charge $ 3 a gallon. [ðə gæs tæŋk ɪz fʊl juː ʃʊd fɪl ɪt ʌp bɪˈfɔː juː rɪˈtɜːn ðə kɑː ɪf juː dəʊnt ðɛn wiː ʧɑːʤ $ 3 ə ˈgælən] – Бензобак полный. Вы должны заправить машину, прежде чем вернуть ее. В противном случае – штраф 3 доллара за галлон (3,78 л). You will need to return it by 4 p.m. on the 16th. [juː wɪl niːd tuː rɪˈtɜːn ɪt baɪ 4 piː.ɛm. ɒn ðiː 16th] – Вам нужно вернуть автомобиль к 4 часам вечера 16 числа. How much do you charge if I am an hour late? [haʊ mʌʧ duː juː ʧɑːʤ ɪf aɪ æm ən ˈaʊə leɪt] – Какой размер штрафа, если я опоздаю?


Watch the video. Listen, read and repeat to improve your pronunciation.

Renting a Car Mike: Hello there. I need to rent a car. Hans: Hi! What size are you thinking? Mike: Well, err…this is my first rental. What sizes do you have? Hans: We have compact, medium, and full size, the compact being the cheapest. Mike: I’m traveling with my wife and little daughter, so a compact will be fine. What are your daily rates? Hans: For the compact, it’s $29,90 per day, but if you’re renting it for more than seven days, you get a price break. Mike: Not bad! I’m going to rent it for 10 days. Hans: In that case, you’ll be paying $19,90 per day. Mike: Wow! That’s a great discount! I’ll take the compact, then. Hans: Good choice. May I see your driver’s license and a credit card, please?
Details When Renting a Car Hans: Ok, Mr. Patterson, let’s see…will your wife also drive the car? Mike: Yes. Since we’re going to Boston for my brother’s wedding, we’ll take turns driving. By the way, can I return the car there, or are there extra charges? Hans: There are no extra charges for that. Where will you return the car in Boston? Mike: At the Boston airport. Hans: Very good, Mr. Patterson. You’re all set. Have a safe trip. Mike: Oh! What about the mileage? Hans: There is no extra charge for miles, but you must return the car with a full tank of gas, or else they’ll charge you for that. Mike: Fair enough. Thanks for your help.
Renting by Phone Suzie: Hello, is it Time Travels? Beth: Yes. This is Beth, how can I help you? Suzie: I would like to rent a car to take me to the Hotel Shangri-La from Las Vegas airport. Beth: Sure. May I know your name and your schedule please? Suzie: It’s Suzie Thatcher. I’ll need it at 12 noon today, and I prefer a white limousine. Beth: That’s not a problem, Ms. Thatcher. The driver will be holding a sign with your name on it. Suzie: Very good. How much is the rental? Beth: Our rates are $45,00 an hour. Suzie: Okay, that’s fine. Beth: In case of delays, or any problem, please call us at this number, Ms. Thatcher. Suzie: All right. Thanks for your help.
Renting a Car at the Airport Suzie: Hello. I’d like to rent a limo to take me to the Hotel Shangri-La. Carson: We have the Luxury Sedan, for 1-4 passengers, and the Stretch Limousine, which fits 1-8 passengers. Suzie: Ok. I’ll go with the Luxury Sedan. What are your rates? Carson: Well, they’re based on a three-hour rental. The luxury Sedan goes for $55,00 per hour, plus gratuity. Suzie: I just need it to drop me off at the Shangri-La, at Echelon Place. Carson: That won’t be a problem. Suzie: Will it take long? Carson: It will just take a moment for the driver to bring the car around. You can have a seat, if you like. Suzie: Thank you.



Watch the video.

A guide to hiring a car abroad.
Book in advance and shop around

It’s always advisable to try and pre-book your car hire and shop around on price comparison sites. We use them for flights, hotels, currency exchange… so it makes perfect sense to do the same for car hire.

Read the fine print

After you’ve done your price comparison it is super important to check the fine print. Car hire companies are notorious for hidden ‘extras’ and sometimes what looks like the cheapest, might not be once you’ve taken into account all the compulsory charges that pop up at the end. Here are a few things you should always look out for before going ahead with your booking:

  • Fuel policy
  • Excess charges
  • Insurance details
  • Young driver surcharge
  • Premium location fees

Take the right documents and carry a credit card

No license, no car. Before arriving at the desk, you need to make sure you have the correct documents. Near enough every car hire company will require you to leave with them a refundable deposit – meaning they will hold a certain amount of money from your account until the car is returned

Inspect the car before and after

The last thing you want is to be blamed for something at a later date and you have no recollection whether it was you or not! Always remember, you can’t be charged for any damage either before or after, unless you are shown some sort of evidence.

Download maps on your phone

Car hire companies will always offer you the chance to hire a GPS. We’ve done it a few times, but sometimes found that they are lacking updates or don’t pick up signal well, or sometimes they point blank don’t recognize what you’re typing in (we had this issue when we first arrived in Oslo. At midnight. When there was NOONE around to help!). Rather than relying on hiring a navigation system, we’ve found our phone is always the best option. Not only can you rely it on being more up to date, but you’re also familiar with it and don’t need to waste time figuring out how to use it. You don’t even need to have your location services on, most navigation apps will allow you to pre-download your map for use later on.

Pack your own phone charger and holder if you have one

Well if you’re choosing to rely on your phone, if you happen to have a car phone holder and a car charger, bring them with you!

A few extra tips for those of you travelling with children
If you can, take your own car seat

The cost of hiring one with the rental company is generally double the price of paying for it to be checked in with your airline. So, if you’re already on a tight budget, it can help towards those extra savings.

Be sure to pack a few travel games

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